What is Jazz Music?

There are many forms of music in the world which are quite popular with its numerous fans. Of these you will find that Jazz music has a wide following of fans ranging from the ordinary folk to that of celebrities. The beginnings of Jazz music can be found in the African American communities in the Southern US in the early 20th century. From its inception you will find that this style of music has incorporated into its genre a number of elements from 19th and 20th century popular American music.

The African roots can be heard from the elements of polyrhythms, swung notes, blue notes, improvisation and syncopation. You will find from historical references that Jazz used to be a West Coast slang term and around about 1915 it was used to refer to music which was sung and heard in Chicago. During these early days this form of music was spelled as “jass” instead of the more familiar spelling of Jazz.

While the main form of this music is known as Jazz music you can today find a number of variations and sub genres which are quite popular in the world as well. For instance you have the derivatives of this style in the form of krautrock, Rock’n’roll, drum and bass, ska, reggae and Rhythm and blues. Some of the subgenres that you will find in the Jazz style of music include Asian American jazz, mini-jazz, swing, vocal jazz, Avant-garde jazz, Big band, Bebop, Afro-jazz and many others.

From this form of Jazz you can find there are a number of Fusion jazz genres. These fusion forms of Jazz will include No Wave, Progressive Rock, Bluegrass, Humppa, Jazz Fusion, Acid Jazz, Calypso Jazz and many others. Regardless of these numerous styles you will also be able to hear the strains of the original Jazz music playing in the background. In the Jazz form of music there are a number of instruments which can be heard providing intriguing sounds and rhythms to the words of the songs.

The instruments you will hear in the numerous songs of Jazz are Bass guitar, banjo, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, tuba, vibraphone, double bass, drums, piano, trombone and the flute. With the aid of these instruments you will be able to hear many well known singers bringing Jazz music to life in a number of different ways. You will have heard songs which have been performed by great singers like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Dave Brubeck, Jessica Williams and Wynton Marsalis to name but a few well known Jazz performers.

In addition to these musical personages you can also find celebrities like Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall, Kurt Elling, and Cassandra Wilson who have shown how traditional jazz can be combined with pop music and rock music to from a musical style which is highly popular with fans from across the world.

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